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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Why Muhammad's Economic Blueprint?

No, it's not some scheme or hustle. Nor it is an unrealistic pipe dream. What am I referring to? Muhammad's Economic Blueprint (MEB). 
Minister Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam reintroduced MEB as an answer to help end the cycle of poverty and want that has plagued Black America for decades.
It is a realistic and viable solution to begin to put a dent in joblessness, poor education, hunger, poverty and want. More importantly, it is a collective effort for Blacks in America to begin relying on self and not being so dependent on the government to supply jobs and needs.
At what point do we stop "talking" about what Black folks need to do, should do, could do, and just start doing it? We have to start somewhere, right? If 16 million wage earning Black Americans give a nickel a day....that's right, 5 cent a day, that is a mere 35 cent per week or $18.20 per year. That little bit would amount to $291.2 million dollars in just one year! Five pennies, a nickel, that's painless!
Individually, we spend more than $18.20 per year at Starbuck's, at fast food joints, for cigarettes and liquor and let's not forget those Power Ball tickets. No this isn't reverse racism! Please stop. Many groups in the U.S., Mormons, Italians, Greeks, Jews, Chinese and Mexican communities, unite and pool their resources and are successful. So, why not us?
So check out the video above, make your donation today, then encourage your family, friends and associates to do the same. Let's go! 

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