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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Save Our Girls - Why Black women, girls should listen to Farrakhan

Information on Save Our Girls, April 18.

     Now before you get all excited, want to argue, debate or criticize the title of my latest blog entry just relax and take a deep breath. FACT: Contrary to popular belief, Black women and girls are not fairing much better than their Black male counterparts in areas of social justice, economics, education and other key areas.
     I am not saying there are no successful, Black women. There are plenty.
     But the unfortunate flip side of the "success" equation is the reality that Black women and girls are leading in categories of HIV/AIDS and other health maladies, have an average median wealth of only $5, are more likely to be suspended / expelled from schools than their White female counterparts, and it doesn't end there. The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has said on multiple occasions that no one man (or woman) can rise above the success of his or her people.
     For many of our sisters, their self-esteem, self-value and self-worth is constantly taking a hit, and let's be real, we see examples of this daily. Many of us are quite frankly, just off the chain in our behavior and conduct. Our lack of discipline, decorum and dignity has taken a back seat as we just try to survive day to day. Since when has fighting and cussing folks out at the drop of a hat been the representation of a queen?  How do we begin to regain the qualities and characteristics of righteousness that are lying dormant in us and our sisters, cousins, home girls, aunties and even our mothers? We have allowed this world of vanity, materialism, gluttony and sin to shape our behavior and how we think about ourselves.
Volume 34 Issue 27 of The Final Call
     That is why this Saturday, April 18 Min. Farrakhan, who actively demonstrates his unparalleled love, appreciation and respect of women, particularly Black women is speaking on "Save Our Girls: A Nation Can Rise No Higher Than Its Woman". For those who have never heard the Minister speak before or may be hesitant based on "what you have heard" from someone else or from a 30 second sound-bite, the women of the Nation of Islam (of which I am a proud citizen) invite women, teens and girls to this women's only meeting to hear for yourself guidance and insight that will change your life. Minister Farrakhan is a Black man who has got our back, period.
     In conclusion, check out the two links below for more insight into why women and girls of the Nation of Islam are so excited to fellowship and share with our sisters on this day regardless of religious or political ideology, culture or ethnicity.
So for those who may ask, 'Why should Black women and girls listen to Farrakhan'? I simply say "Why not?"

Liberated Voices 4/5/15 broadcast
re: Save Our Girls hosted by
Charlene Muhammad

M.G.T. Vanguard Promo video
by Filmmaker Laila Muhammad

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